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49ers fan gives a "shout out" to Jed York on NFL Network

With a live television broadcast from Super Bowl City for nearly an entire week, there was a high likelihood of on air shenanigans. One 49ers fan got in a good one during a live taping.

A large part of Super Bowl City has been the studio/stage where NFL Network has broadcasted from live all week. The players and analysts have gotten many of the fans in attendance involved in the broadcast and as always, with live TV, there's always the potential for some sort of craziness. Secretly, you always hope it's not a fan of your favorite team that makes a fool out of him or herself.

The San Francisco 49ers were represented on air by a very excited fan when NFL Network's Dan Hellie asked a question to fans regarding how many Super Bowl appearances the Denver Broncos have had. The fan answered correctly and was allowed a "shout out." The whole shout out was pretty comical with him calling out his "playas:" Nacho Cheese and Casa De Baller et al, but it was the zinger at the end that was the most significant: "To Jed York for ruining our franchise."

Jed York has tried to work on his public image in the offseason with a post season press conference that was substantially better than the banner hanging debacle of 2014, but fans are clearly still upset. It will probably take a significant change in the W/L columns to really win their forgiveness.