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Eddie DeBartolo Hall of Fame deliberation longest at 50 minutes, 33 seconds

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has wrapped up deliberation for its class of 2016, and we will find out the names later this evening at the NFL Honors program. Eddie DeBartolo and Terrell Owens are the two most notable San Francisco 49ers up for induction. DeBartolo is up as a contributor, meaning it is a simple yes/no vote, with 80 percent required for induction. TO is among the 15 finalists that will make up the five-person class enshrined later this August.

Rock Gosselin kept track of deliberation time, and it is not entirely surprising Eddie got such a long discussion. He has been on the outside looking in for several years now, coming up just short several times. It is easy for a lot of us to crow about his credentials, but there are a lot of people that can't quite wrap their head around inducting him.

The issues with the bribery scandal remain, but I imagine part of the problem is that he would be the first owner inducted that was not part of the founding group, whether that be founders of the original NFL, or founders of the AFL. We'll see if he can break through!