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Steve Young, Jerry Rice refuse to accept Super Bowl 50 is not in San Francisco

This might be one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. It's an SB Nation video, so you might think I'm just being a good company man, but it was pretty hysterical.

Dan Rubenstein has been doing a contest at Super Bowl Radio Row called "Answer The Question", and it features a variety of current and former athletes getting asked questions that range from fairly normal, to kind of random. They've gotten a host of great guests, and this week Dan had arguably his best pair of guests with Steve Young and Jerry Rice. He did another great one with Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner that I highly recommend you watch.

The Rice and Young version ended up with Steve Young frequently using his skills as a lawyer to complain about the game. At one point he tries to convince Dan that the Super Bowl is in "San Francisco" not "Santa Clara" because the former encompasses the latter with the bid they put in. Then later, he complains that this is clearly not a proper quiz show, and the FCC should investigate. It was some hysterical stuff. Give it a watch above;