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NaVorro Bowman almost left Super Bowl 47 press conference due to circumstances similar to Cam Newton

It's unfortunate when the biggest game of the season gets overshadowed by something that happens in a post game press conference. Cam Newton was clearly frustrated upon the conclusion of the game and that carried over into the media availability, so much so, that he walked off of the podium after just a few minutes of questions.

It was discussed at length by analysts after the game and it has sparked a huge social media debate. Newton always wears his heart on his sleeve and this was no exception. The set up for the post game availability, however needs to be reworked. Several members of the media reported that they couldn't even hear the questions Newton was being asked, let alone his responses because a very exuberant Chris Harris who plays for the Broncos was just on the other side of a curtain.

This is apparently the norm at Super Bowls. NaVorro Bowman was obviously affected by a jubilant Ray Lewis after the 49ers lost to the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. Video of this is below (h/t @WingsNiners). Bowman didn't walk off the podium, but it looks like he seriously thought about it. If the NFL wants the players to stay and talk, maybe they should make the environment a little more player friendly.