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Super Bowl 51 odds: The 49ers are a looooooong shot

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of work to do under Chip Kelly, and Las Vegas recognizes it. They have installed them with the second worst Super Bowl 51 odds heading into 2016.

The 2015 season is a wrap, with the Denver Broncos taking home the Lombardi Trophy following Super Bowl 50. It is time to start looking ahead to the coming season (well, looking ahead even further!), and that includes new championship odds. The Westgate released new odds for Super Bowl 51, which will take place next February in Houston, TX.

The San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly, but it has not done much for their perceived chances. They are installed with the second longest odds, at 60-1. Only the Cleveland Browns are worse, at 200-1. There are eight teams ahead of the 49ers that are tied at 50/1 odds.

The New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers are all tied at the top of the list at 8/1 odds. If the Steelers can get and stay healthy, they could be in really good shape next season. Le'Veon Bell is a big question mark though. Behind them, the Cardinals, Packers, and Panthers are all at 10/1.

For comparison to last year, the Seattle Seahawks were favorites for Super Bowl 50 coming out of Super Bowl 49. The Broncos were 8/1, while the Panthers were 30/1. The 49ers were 25/1 before things completely fell apart.

Here are the current Super Bowl 51 odds, courtesy of the Westgate in Las Vegas.

Patriots: 8-1
Seahawks: 8-1
Steelers: 8-1
Cardinals: 10-1
Packers: 10-1
Panthers: 10-1
Bengals: 14-1
Broncos: 14-1
Cowboys: 16-1
Chiefs: 20-1
Colts: 20-1
Vikings: 20-1
Jets: 30-1
Ravens: 30-1
Bears: 40-1
Falcons: 40-1
Giants: 40-1
Lions: 40-1
Washington: 40-1
Saints: 40-1
Texans: 40-1
Buccaneers: 50-1
Chargers: 50-1
Dolphins: 50-1
Eagles: 50-1
Jaguars: 50-1
Raiders: 50-1
Rams: 50-1
Titans: 50-1
49ers: 60-1
Browns: 200-1