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Jim Harbaugh discussed Colin Kaepernick's difficult 2015 season

Every year, the Super Bowl features "radio row" where media from across the country gather. Players, coaches, front office types, and celebrities are able to come and go and promote whatever it is they want to promote. This past week, Jim Harbaugh was among the masses. He was promoting something related to clean water, which meant he conducted all sorts of interviews.

Late in the week, he took some time to sit down with Tim Kawakami. They discussed Colin Kaepernick, and Kawakami brought up the issue of the leaks that happened. He asked Harbaugh for his thoughts on what Kap went through, specifically referencing leaks and how Harbaugh himself went through them as well. Here's what Harbaugh had to say about Kap. You can listen to the full audio at the bottom.

On what Kap went through with the leaks:

"Yea, that was disappointing because nobody fights for their team like Colin Kaepernick. Colin will flourish, there's no question in my mind about that. He's too great of a talent. And he is a competitor at the very highest level, very similar to the two quarterbacks that you're going to watch in the Super Bowl in Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. There's ups and downs in football, that's football. Welcome to it, welcome to the game of football. Colin will flourish, I have no doubt about that."

On if he's talked to Kap:

"We've talked, we've texted back and forth. I talked to Rick Kaepernick a bunch of times. That doesn't end because you're not on the same team. That's a trusting, lasting friendship that will always be there."