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Breaking down base salaries on Quinton Dial contract extension

The San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle signed a three-year contract extension last week, and we've got some base salary figures, courtesy of the NFLPA.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Quinton Dial to a three-year contract extension last week, locking up the defensive tackle through 2019. Dial had one year left on his rookie contract, and his new deal stacks on top of it. The NFLPA has posted his base salary numbers, and they are as follows:

2016: $675,000
2017: $1,500,000
2018: $2,400,000
2019: $3,375,000

The 2016 salary does not change from his rookie contract. He also received a $3.2 million signing bonus, and $5.3 million in total guaranteed money. It would appear the 49ers have guaranteed his 2016 and 2017 salaries with this new deal.

The deal includes $7,275,000 in new base salary money. Combined with the signing bonus gives us a total of $10,475,000. The deal is reportedly worth $12 million, with incentives that could bump it as high as $16 million. For thought, the $12 million base deal thus likely includes $1.8 million or so in roster and workout bonuses.

Until we know the bonus structure, we cannot figure out the full salary cap figures. However, we can at least figure out the cap figures for prorated signing bonus money and base salary. The deal is a three-year extension, but since his $3.2 million signing bonus is being paid now, it prorates out over four years. That means an $800,000 cap hit per year. We can just add that to his various base salaries to begin to get an idea of what his cap hits will be like. For now, they are as follows:

2016: $1,475,000
2017: $2,300,000
2018: $3,200,000
2019: $4,175,000

If there is $1.8 million in roster and workout bonuses on his deal (as mentioned above), that would be an additional $600,000 in cap money attached to 2017, 2018, and 2019. At some point Jason Hurley should have the specifics, but that is the ballpark for now.