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Trent Baalke loves Blaine Gabbert as much as Mike Silver loves fresh guacamole (a lot)

This video is a day old, but in light of all the Colin Kaepernick trade rumors, I figured it was worth posting. NFL Network reporter Mike Silver has been talking about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation the last two days, and he had some interesting comments about Blaine Gabbert. He said that Trent Baalke loves Gabbert as much as Silver loves guacamole, and Silver really loves guacamole.

This is not the first report suggesting the organization likes Gabbert. And it was further referenced today. I suppose we have long since arrived at the point where we should prepare ourselves for Blaine Gabbert starting Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season. I see virtually no way Kap is with the 49ers when the season starts. The team could invest a pick in the draft, but development appears to be the name of the game with this year's draft class. And so, Gabbert would appear to be "the guy" for the very short term future.