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Vernon Adams confirms he met with Chip Kelly at NFL Combine

The San Francisco 49ers have quarterback questions, so it is no surprise they met with a quarterback from Chip Kelly's last college job.

File this under not so surprising news. Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams took part in the school's Pro Day on Thursday, and confirmed with the media that he met with San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly at the 2016 NFL Combine. Eric Branch had previously reported the team met with Adams at the Combine, and any formal meeting would almost obviously have involved the 49ers new head coach.

Adams does not have the size that Kelly prefers, but Kelly also said it is more a guideline than a rule. Adams is a prospect who will likely take some time to develop. If the 49ers trade or release Colin Kaepernick, all indications are that Blaine Gabbert would be the team's starting quarterback when Week 1 rolls around. If this team is looking more long-term than short-term (specifically, being in a rebuilding process), it makes sense to give Adams time to develop himself as an NFL-caliber quarterback.

Adams has said he has a good handle on Kelly's offense, previously saying that there was plenty of familiarity when watching the Eagles offense last season. That certainly would give him a leg up heading into training camp and the preseason. I don't think it's enough to win him the job over Blaine Gabbert, but it simplifies his development process.