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49ers, Broncos 'there in compensation for [Colin] Kaepernick', according to Mike Silver

Maybe we see a Colin Kaepernick trade sooner rather than later?

The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos might be getting close to a deal to trade Colin Kaepernick. Mike Silver is reporting he thinks the two teams "are there in compensation for Kaepernick." He said that the Broncos now were working on a contract restructure with Kaepernick.

These are obviously anonymous reports, but they are getting sufficiently detailed enough that I am willing to take them as more than just speculation. We have heard numerous reports today that the Broncos had moved to the front of the pack for Kaepernick. Trent Baalke and John Elway have a good working relationship, and Kaepernick can potentially head to a solid situation where he has a strong chance of starting for a team with a strong defense. If any deal is going to happen, this makes as much sense as any.

It sounds like this should get done before the end of the day, but who really knows what might happen with these kinds of negotiations. If the draft pick compensation is done, I would think the Broncos and Kaepernick's representatives could get a restructuring done. Hopefully we get an answer before the end of the night.