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NFL mock draft 2016: A four-round mock draft as we ponder Colin Kaepernick trade

Chad Reuter put together a 4-round mock draft just before the start of free agency. The 49ers picks still hold up.

The San Francisco 49ers have been fairly quiet in free agency, but have had plenty of discussion surrounding Colin Kaepernick's future. The team is expected to make a trade sooner rather than later, which could net them an additional pick in the upcoming draft.

Most teams will not see their primary first round draft needs change due to free agency, but it can have some impact. For example, the 49ers were able to extend Ian Williams alongside Quinton Dial, a year after drafting Arik Armstead in the first round. I think the team will add more defensive line depth, but if DeForest Buckner somehow slipped to No. 7, maybe the 49ers try and trade down. I think Buckner goes before No. 7, but crazy things can happen.

Just prior to the start of free agency, draft analyst Chad Reuter put together a four-round 2016 NFL mock draft. There is plenty of fault to find in specifics picks, but the greater value comes in assessing the positions selected. For the 49ers, Reuter had the following picks, including the comp pick in the fourth round:

1(7). Jared Goff, QB, Cal
2(37). Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame
3(68). Austin Johnson, DT, Penn State
4(106). Alex Redmond, OG, UCLA
4(133). D.J. White, CB, Georgia Tech

Reuter has the Cleveland Browns selecting Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick. If they were to acquire Colin Kaepernick in a trade, that could potentially change, but for now, the Denver Broncos remain the favorite to acquire Kaepernick. I think the Browns are more likely to draft Goff, but if not, it is certainly possible he slips to No. 7. I could see a team trading up ahead of the 49ers to secure Goff, but who knows.

Will Fuller put together a strong Combine performance, capped with a 4.32 40-yard dash. He had a huge 2015 season, catching 62 receptions for 1,258 yards and 14 touchdowns. He's not a huge guy, but that big play ability is there. Torrey Smith does not preclude a pick like this, but given that Fuller seems like more of a deep threat than a more necessary intermediate threat, I'm not entirely sure he specifically makes sense. But wide receiver does remain a position of need.

The third round defensive pick is probably a little less likely in light of Ian Williams returning, but you can never have too many bodies in the trenches. And a third round pick provides a defensive tackle that can be worked into a rotation. We have no idea what will come of Arik Armstead, Tony Jerod-Eddie (if he re-signs) is more of a utility guy, and given Ian Williams' injury history, another body on the line would help.

Reuter's draft wraps up for the 49ers with a guard and a cornerback. Both are undoubtedly positions of need. The 49ers have some options at both positions, but they need to get more competition for both if they want to improve.