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If 49ers trade Colin Kaepernick, does Robert Griffin III end up anywhere else?

I imagine the RG3 rumors will get underway shortly. For now, there is some speculation.

The San Francisco 49ers are trying to trade quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and if he is shipped away, the 49ers will have plenty of quarterback questions. It has been widely reported that Trent Baalke is a fan of Blaine Gabbert, but the team would seem likely to be in the market for another quarterback.

Could that person be Robert Griffin III? We've heard speculation that RG3 would like to go to Santa Clara if the team deals Kaepernick. Now, Charles Yahoo! reporter has connected some of the dots with regard to RG3. He does not appear to be reporting RG3 would like to go to the 49ers, but rather reporting on surrounding situations, and what that in turn means for RG3.

The Los Angeles Rams have been connected to RG3, and the latest report from a Southern California media source says he "very much" wants to play for the Rams. Robinson's article suggests the Rams are sitting tight after giving Case Keenum a first round tender. He says the Rams "have not made a serious overture this week toward Griffin."

He follows that by reporting the Jets are willing to wait out Ryan Fitzpatrick, and "have not made a serious run" at RG3. And then he wrapped it up by discussing how the Broncos have made Kaepernick their top choice.

Robinson tweeted it out as the 49ers being "expected to emerge as a suitor" for RG3, but it's more a matter of him connecting some dots. It does make plenty of sense with the way he counts backward with other options. It could very well happen, but we have not really heard anything from the 49ers side of things. Trent Baalke was asked about RG3 during the Combine, and he said the 49ers would consider all options, so it was the normal kind of non-answer.

Does RG3 end up with the 49ers?