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Donte Whitner seems ready to welcome Colin Kaepernick

Anybody able to translate emoji? Cleveland Browns safety Donte Whitner had this to say to his former San Francisco 49ers teammate, Colin Kaepernick. This tweet comes following the report that Kap is interested in going to the Browns and playing for Hue Jackson.

First off, I would not be at all surprised if the Browns-Kap report is actually just the 49ers trying to build more leverage. They have been reportedly in negotiations with the Denver Broncos. It is entirely possible Kap would be fine with Cleveland, but I also think this particular bit of speculation is just the 49ers trying to lean on the Broncos.

Whatever the case, the emojis seem to indicate Whitner is welcoming. I'm not entirely sure why the eyeballs and the last face are on it, but maybe someone else out there can translate for me.