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49ers met with Joey Bosa privately after Ohio State Pro Day

The San Francisco 49ers met with one of the top prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft. Will they pull the trigger if he slips to No. 7?

The San Francisco 49ers have the seventh pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, which opens the door to plenty of talented options. Naturally, the team is doing its due diligence on some of the best prospects, including Joey Bosa. The Ohio State defensive end met with the 49ers for a private meeting following his workout at the school's Pro Day, according to Pro Football Talk's Zac Jackson.

It seems unlikely that Bosa slips to No. 7, but with a fairly fluid top of the draft, nothing would surprise me. Bosa weighed in at the Combine at 6'5, 269 pounds. He played defensive end in college, and is viewed as either a 4-3 defensive end or a 3-4 outside linebacker. He would seemingly play the latter with the 49ers, but I suppose he could also decide to change his body type and become a 3-4 end. I don't hear anything suggesting that to be the case, but I figure it's worth considering all options.

Last month, former NFL defensive lineman Stephen White put together his scouting report on Bosa for SB Nation. He thinks Bosa can be a very capable NFL player, but he also sees a guy who might not be a lot better than what we see. For most draft picks, that is fine, but for a top ten pick, people are looking for game-changing talent. It is entirely possible Bosa turns out to be that kind of game-changing talent. It is also possible he is a solid player who you can slot in for the foreseeable future. That's not the worst thing in the world, but obviously people will be looking for more.

If Bosa was there at No. 7, should the 49ers take him?