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Anquan Boldin would love to stay with 49ers

The free agent market has quieted down after a wild first couple of days, and we have moved into the second phase of the period. The high priced big names took care of business early, but now it's about the lesser deals. We likely won't see any crazy contracts the rest of this offseason, but there are some names out there.

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin is one name that won't get a huge deal, but would be an incredibly valuable piece of the puzzle for teams looking for offensive help. There has been little speculation about Boldin, other than a report that the New England Patriots had contacted his representatives.

In the video above, Boldin was talking about his Walter Payton Man of the Year award. At one point, the host asks about his future, and says people were asking her to ask Boldin if he will be staying with the 49ers. He had this to say:

"That would be my hope. I love it here, I love the fans here, I love the organization, teammates. And when I say organization, it's not just the football part. Like there's a lot of people inside the organization that the outside people never know about, that help us out so much. So those are the relationships I've built here in San Francisco, that I don't want to leave. So I would love to stay here."

I'm not surprised he would say this in front of a 49ers-friendly audience. I suppose he could have said the team doesn't want him, or there aren't negotiations, but I'd imagine he knows his audience in this situation.

We have not heard anything from the 49ers side of things with regard to Boldin. I still think he ends up signing with a team that is much more clearly a Super Bowl contender. But who knows, maybe this surprises us.