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Is Robert Griffin III visit to New York Jets anything more than leverage?

The New York Jets are bringing in quarterback Robert Griffin III for a visit on Friday, and in fact, the visit might already be wrapped up at this point. The team played last year with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball, and he looked good with some serious weapons. He is now a free agent, and the two sides have been unable to get a deal together.

RG3 has been mentioned in connection with the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, and Los Angeles Rams, but this is the first mention of the Jets. RG3 has not made any visits yet, nor been more firmly connected to any of those three teams. The Jets likely want to use RG3 to leverage Fitzpatrick in negotiations. For RG3 though, is he likely just going to be happy with any of the small number of destinations, or is this a way to drum up interest in himself as well? PFT brought up this point, about it leaves me wondering what may or may not be going on with this.

Fitzpatrick has developed into a rather sizable domino in this whole process. Matt Barrows told KNBR earlier today that he thinks once Fitzpatrick figures out his future, Kaepernick will then potentially be traded. The Broncos are reportedly interested in Fitzpatrick, but that could be their own way of creating leverage back at the 49ers. We're basically just going in circles for now.