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Colin Kaepernick trade value surfaces

Reports are starting to give more details of what it will take for the 49ers to let their signal caller go to another team

Well, it's something. A report from Matt Barrows on Friday said the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns have worked out compensation for Colin Kaepernick: an early 3rd rounder. Unfortunately, Kaepernick's contract still remains an issue for the Browns and both sides seem to be far away in agreement regarding that detail.

Barrows went on to state the Denver Broncos are still in the swing of things--though the 49ers want a 2nd rounder from them. For those of you wondering why the discrimination in rounds, Denver picks near the end of the 2nd round while the Browns pick at the beginning of the 3rd, a two spot difference. So right now, that realm of the draft is the current going price of Colin Kaepernick.

This is obviously far from over. Given that the Browns are struggling to get a contract restructured for Kaepernick, it opens up a perfect opportunity for the Broncos to make a run and possibly a better offer--to both Kap and the 49ers. All we had before was agreements worked out, but now that we have hard numbers, we can start speculating on what exactly Kaepernick's worth is in the draft.

What do you think? You think the late 2nd-early 3rd is a good price for the 49ers quarterback?