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Road Warrior Animal tweets James Laurinaitis will visit the 49ers

We aren't sure of the legitimacy, but it looks like James Laurinatis will pay a visit to the San Francisco 49ers

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Well, that's a an interesting way to find things out. According to James Laurinaitis' father, Joe, better known as tag team legend Road Warrior Animal, the former Los Angeles Rams linebacker had a visit or will be visiting with the San Francisco 49ers.

And there you have it. Apparently Trent Baalke has some interest in the linebacker and we have Road Warrior Animal to thank for breaking the news. For the curious, Laurinaitis comes from a big professional wrestling family. Along with his father, he's also related to John Laurinaitis who works backstage for the WWE (including a stint as the on-air general manager of RAW) and has a brother in the business as well.

A few things to keep in mind on this: If you look closely, you'd know that Animal's twitter account isn't verified, usually you see the little blue checkmark next to his name if it is. Not all high profile accounts are verified however, and there seems to be some legitimacy with this one. For instance, he's followed by several active professional wrestlers like Matt Hardy. He's also followed by journalists such as CSN's Matt Maiocco. While this is in no way a confirmation of legitimacy, the fact he has verified accounts following him lends it some sort of credibility.

This rather interesting since we've heard absolutely nothing about the 49ers talking to Laurinaitis until this. Laurinaitis would be at the very least a solid addition to a team's defense, the 49ers included. It will be interesting to see where he finally ends up.

Do you see the 49ers as a possible landing spot?

Update: Looks like the account may be fake after all.