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49ers in the mix for Russell Okung

Looks like San Francisco may be a player for the Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman. We break it all down.

Michael Silver has tweeted out that the San Francisco 49ers are "in the mix" for the services of Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Russell Okung. At the moment, Okung is headed to Pittsburgh for a visit, but don't be surprised if he decides to make a stop in San Francisco as well. Keep in mind, Silver also said the Lions were high on his list and we know how free agency works sometimes.

Fooch already did a write up earlier about how the 49ers have reached out to Okung. Rather than restate what he said, I'll just link it here. It goes into depth about the advantages of having the Seahawks offensive lineman.

Okung could improve a San Francisco O-line that was weaker than a piece of typing paper last year. If he's brought in, it'd be a bevy of options between Anthony Davis, Trenton Brown, and...uh...Erik Pears. It's safe to assume Joe Staley's spot is pretty much secure unless he begins a severe regression in camp. If Okung is signed, this would help with a decent starter at best and some terrific depth at worst. The one player I can see it being insurance for is Anthony Davis, just in case he doesn't make it all the way back to a 49er uniform, or has lost a step.

Let's see if Baalke can work something with this player.