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Breaking down Ray-Ray Armstrong's one-year contract

The San Francisco 49ers extended linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong last week, signing the restricted free agent to a one-year contract. Jason Hurley came across contract details that are fairly simple. Armstrong has a base salary of $675,000 with a $25,000 bonus if he is on the roster when Week 1 arrives. The base salary is the league minimum for a player with three credited seasons in the league.

Armstrong was a safety coming out of college, but moved into a linebacker role in the NFL. The 49ers claimed him off waivers when they placed Glenn Dorsey on injured reserve. He was active the final five games of the 49ers season, and played 103 special teams snaps.

The 49ers list him as an outside linebacker, but his measurements are listed at 6'3 220 pounds. That is not OLB size in the 49ers defense. That's really not even inside linebacker size. It's more like a big safety. Either way I don't think it matters much. I would imagine he is competing for an almost exclusively special teams role. The 49ers will add more players to compete for these kinds of roles. I imagine at least one of their day three draft picks will be a player who would be a specialist.