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Broncos, Ryan Fitzpatrick met, but price too high for Denver right now

The Denver Broncos and Ryan Fitzpatrick had a first conversation this week, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The price was apparently a bit too rich for Denver's blood, but they could still revisit the situation at a later date.

Fitzpatrick put together a solid year with the New York Jets, but he and the Jets have been unable to figure out a contract extension. Given that he had a career year this late in his career creates a difficult situation for contract negotiations. He is looking for that one last big pay day, and the Jets likely want to protect themselves in case he is going to regress.

This opens the door for another team to swoop in, but the options are limited at this point. The Broncos, 49ers, Browns, and Jets are the only teams looking for a quarterback. The Rams might draft a QB, but with their first-round tender on Case Keenum, I don't see them adding a significant competitor via the current free agent market.

The Fitzpatrick domino is one more part of this whole situation that keeps things from being resolved. He is an intriguing short-term option, but he may just end up accepting whatever the Jets are offering. If he does, that would likely pressure the Broncos to some extent to accept a 49ers offer. The 49ers reportedly have a high third from the Browns in mind, and thus want the Broncos low second in a deal. The Broncos are reportedly offering a third, but given their Super Bowl victory, it would be at the bottom of the third round.

And so, the stare-down continues.