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NFL free agency news: Steelers offer contract to Russell Okung

I don't expect the 49ers to land Okung given his desire to play left tackle. But it does indicate the team is probably not fully certain Anthony Davis will un-retire.

The San Francisco 49ers were connected to offensive tackle Russell Okung over the weekend, but it is entirely possible he will not even get to a 49ers visit. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler is reporting the Pittsburgh Steelers made a contract offer to Okung during his visit. He has not accepted the offer at this point.

Okung is reportedly going to visit with the New York Giants and Detroit Lions at some point. I thought those visits had already occurred, but it appears the Steelers visit might have been his first. Okung tweeted this out from the Steelers' front office. Maybe we should get some black marker and scratch out that sixth Lombardi trophy, right?

We don't know what Anthony Davis is planning, and if the 49ers are not 100 percent certain he is returning, they need to figure out alternatives for offensive line competition. And really, until Davis formally files paperwork to un-retire, I would hope the 49ers are not expecting anything with 100 percent certainty. The 49ers offseason workout program gets going on April 4, so there is plenty of time for Davis to file his paperwork. That being said, it is kind of odd nothing has happened on that front.