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All's quiet on the Colin Kaepernick trade front

A new week is upon us, and the first day is coming to a close. There is still time for action to happen, but in the world of Colin Kaepernick trade rumors, it appears Monday will end fairly quiet. And it might be like that for the foreseeable future. Well, at least until we close in on April 1, according to some media folks.

This morning, Josina Anderson said there have been no serious discussions on draft pick compensation between the 49ers and Browns.

That was followed this afternoon by Mike Garafolo commenting on the Browns and Broncos involvement in this set of negotiations.

And finally, Ben Allbright, who has been keeping an eye on this, had this to say about the Broncos.

And so, we are left waiting. For now it seems like the Broncos are waiting for the 49ers to blink first. The April 1 deadline does give Colin Kaepernick at least a little more leverage. But if he is looking to get out, and the 49ers can find a trade partner, it might not be all that difficult to re-negotiate Kap's contract if the new team wants a new deal, and Kap is amenable to that team.

Most specifically I apply that to the Broncos. Kaepernick just wants out, and I don't think the money is a significant issue. Any money issues with the Browns is likely more to do with not wanting to start the next phase of his career in Cleveland. If the 49ers really do want to hold out for a late second from the Broncos, they really should stick to their guns and hold onto Kap through the April 1 date. It's a gamble since plenty could very well happen for the Broncos at the QB position, but it might be worth the wait for San Francisco.