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Carson Wentz breaks down a North Dakota State play for Jon Gruden [Video]

ESPN will be airing Jon Gruden's QB camp throughout April, and in the meantime they are releasing some teaser video to promote the series. They started with Jared Goff, and now we've got some video of Carson Wentz working with Gruden.

The Goff video showed a portion in which Goff talks about playing for a crappy Cal team, and how he would handle playing for a bad team in the NFL. The Wentz video above, as well as this one, focus more on play breakdown. Given that Gruden likely had not watched a whole lot of North Dakota State earlier this year, there is plenty for Wentz to show him.

Wentz and Goff remain the top two quarterback candidates to potentially be drafted by the Cleveland Browns and/or the San Francisco 49ers. And we very well could see a team leap ahead of the 49ers to try and grab the quarterback Cleveland does not take. It could make for a wild first day of the draft.