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Free agency grades: How do you grade what the 49ers have done thus far?

The team has hired Chip Kelly, extended Ian Williams and Phil Dawson, and signed Thad Lewis. They are trying to trade Colin Kaepernick, and have spoken with some other free agents. What do this all mean to date?

The San Francisco 49ers have been fairly quiet through the first week of free agency. The team re-signed Ian Williams shortly before the signing period began. They followed that up with a one-year deal for quarterback Thad Lewis, and then extended Phil Dawson for one more year.

Amidst all that is a lot of rumors and speculation. The biggest of course is the team's attempts to trade Colin Kaepernick. Additionally, the team reportedly was in the mix for cornerbacks Sean Smith and Casey Hayward, and has had Ted Larsen and Lance Dunbar in for visits. put together a look at grades through the first weekend of free agency. They only gave out one F, which happened to go to the Cleveland Browns. They gave the 49ers a C-, which seemed like sort of a "they did some stuff, but we're not entirely sure what's going on" type of grade. Here's how they broke down the 49ers:

The Skinny: They were relatively quiet, but re-signing nose tackle Ian Williams was a smart move. They did lose guard Alex Boone to the Vikings, which is a hit. The only outside guy they brought in was backup quarterback Thad Lewis.

C-: There just wasn't a lot of activity and the Colin Kaepernick situation still hasn't unfolded yet.

At this point, it all comes down to what happens with Colin Kaepernick. If they can net a third or late second round pick and move on, some will view that as a win, others will view that as a loss. Gregg Rosenthal of viewed them as early winners because they had gotten Kaepernick's price even that high.

Like draft grades, it is hard to put grades on free agency while we're still in the midst of it. Teams that got As might get Cs or Ds a year from now, once we know how those signings shake out. For the 49ers, they have not spent much money, and will likely have a lot to roll over into 2017. Why that's the case remains to be seen. Players might have simply had no interest in the team, and any rumors were agents using the 49ers to drive up the price. It is also possible Trent Baalke was not overly wow'd by this year's free agency class, and thinks there are bottom options later. The team might decide to use this offseason to build through the draft and complement it later.

My guess is that it's a little bit of a mix of both, but that's mostly because I really am not sure what's going on exactly. But for now, what grade would you give the 49ers offseason? I was going to say don't include Chip Kelly, but in reality, their offseason is about more than just players. They have made a dramatic shift at the head coaching position as well, so I think any grades should reflect that, positively or negatively. Across the board, how would you grade the offseason?