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49ers on hand for Sacramento State Pro Day

The San Francisco 49ers had a chance to check out a huge offensive lineman up in Sacramento this week. What's next for the OL?

The San Francisco 49ers have plenty of opportunities for local Pro Days, and on Monday, they went north to check out the Sacramento State Pro Day.'s Tony Pauline is reporting the 49ers were joined by a handful of other teams, likely checking out Hornets offensive tackle Lars Hanson.

Hanson stands 6'6 and weighed in at 310 pounds. He completed 28 reps on the bench press, and ran a 5.2 40-yard dash. Hanson took part in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl but has otherwise flown under the radar. Pauline suggested he was a potential practice squad candidate this fall. Given his proximity to the Bay Area, it would not be surprising if he ended up signing as a UDFA with either the 49ers or Raiders.

The 49ers have plenty of young options along the offensive line, but most of them have questions. Brandon Thomas has done nothing as a pro, and Marcus Martin was benched once Daniel Kilgore returned to the active roster. Jordan Devey was not good, and Ian Silberman did not get a lot of opportunities, so we don't know a whole lot of much about him. The team is talking with Ted Larsen, but he has been compared to Adam Snyder, which is not exactly a great long-term option.

The 49ers may or may not get Anthony Davis back onto the roster, but either way the team needs to work on depth. The 49ers offensive line could look something like Joe Staley, Andrew Tiller, Daniel Kilgore, Erik Pears, Trenton Brown, or potentially slotting Anthony Davis somewhere in there. This is not exactly a line with a ton of success, but it looked better than anything else the 49ers rolled out last year. I'd be open to seeing how that line looked together coming out of the gates. I would prefer the team bring in more competition, but it could be worse I suppose.