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Steelers sign Ryan Harris, likely out of Russell Okung sweepstakes

The Pittsburgh Steelers added some help on the offensive line on Tuesday, signing Ryan Harris to a two-year deal. The move is noteworthy to San Francisco 49ers fans because it could remove them from the Russell Okung sweepstakes. Harris was not a great tackle last season, but Pro Football Talk is reporting the Steelers are in fact no longer going after Okung. They had previously offered Okung a contract, according to reports.

The 49ers have been connected to Okung with a couple rumors, but nothing has developed beyond that. It's sort of the way this offseason has gone in general. Some mentions in connection with free agents, but not a whole lot else. Reports indicated they hosted Ted Larsen and Lance Dunbar for visits, but we have not heard nearly as much with regard to the supposed bigger targets like Sean Smith, and now Okung.

For now, the one upside to all this is that the 49ers are in line for a comp pick for Alex Boone. Anquan Boldin could potentially provide another one, but if he does not sign until after June 1, it would not impact the formula.