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Could Ryan Fitzpatrick end up on the 49ers radar?

The San Francisco 49ers need help at quarterback, and PFF thinks they are a potential landing spot for Ryan Fitzpatrick. I disagree.

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Free agency has been all over the place when it comes to quarterbacks, and it has left Ryan Fitzpatrick and Robert Griffin III waiting to see what happens. The San Francisco 49ers decision with regard to Colin Kaepernick would seem to be holding this up to some degree, which means it could be a while before anybody is pulling the trigger on anything.

We've heard chatter about Robert Griffin III and potential interest with the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams, and of course his recent visit with the New York Jets. Fitzpatrick on the other hand had a conversation with the Denver Broncos, and not much else. He is believed to have priced himself out of the Broncos and Jets ideal range, and so the game of chicken continues.

Pro Football Focus put together a list of the top three landing spots for Fitzpatrick. The 49ers were listed third behind the Jets and Broncos. I imagine the Browns would be likely to use Josh McCown as the veteran bridge to the new rookie they draft.

Here's what PFF said about the 49ers with regard to Fitzpatrick:

The 49ers have been surprisingly quiet in free agency, with their only addition so far being quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. San Francisco has the most cap space in the league at the moment, so unlike the Jets and Broncos, the 49ers could give in to Fitzpatrick’s contract demands. However, the 49ers only seem interested in a veteran quarterback if they trade Kaepernick—and they are in no rush to make a trade.

Quarterbacks like Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III seem like better fits for Chip Kelly’s offense due to their running ability, but Ryan Fitzpatrick has performed well on quarterback scrambles over the years, including this past season. He had 250 rushing yards and 13 first downs, which were both sixth-most among quarterbacks in 2015. The 49ers may only want a veteran quarterback if they both trade Kaepenrick and don’t draft a quarterback, so Fitzpatrick may need to wait a lot longer before getting a new contract if he sticks with his demands.

We've heard that Trent Baalke is a fan of Blaine Gabbert. It has become the worst kept secret if you believe the numerous media people discussing it. Whether you like this idea or not, it seems highly unlikely that Fitzpatrick ends up in a 49ers uniform.

I'm also kind of hoping that is the case as I think someone is going to end up over-paying for Fitzpatrick. He is not a bad quarterback, but I think we saw peak Fitzpatrick in 2015, and I don't think he matches that without the kinds of weapons that Jets offense had. I could see him doing well in Denver, but it's hard to see him finding similar success at this point in Santa Clara.