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Geoff Schwartz, Evan Mathis visit Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals traded guard Jonathan Cooper to the New England Patriots on Tuesday, and they are wasting no time finding a potential replacement. The team brought in Evan Mathis and Geoff Schwartz for visits, and offered Mathis a contract.

The 49ers brought Geoff Schwartz in for a visit a few years back, but nothing came of it. The team brought in Ted Larsen for a visit this year, indicating they recognize the need for more depth on the offensive line. Larsen is viewed more as a utility option, although he replaced Cooper briefly as a starting guard for the Cardinals last year.

I am a little surprised we have not heard the 49ers connected to Schwartz. He would potentially slot in at right guard, and even if the 49ers think they have better options, strong competition would be useful for a position that was a decided weakness for the team much of last season. Instead, the 49ers seem content maybe adding Larsen, but not doing much else leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft.