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Cardinals sign Evan Mathis to 1-year deal

The Cardinals added further depth to their roster. They're going to be a serious contender this fall.

The Arizona Cardinals had a decent shot at a Super Bowl run in 2015, and they are only adding to it in 2016. A day after the team traded Jonathan Cooper and a second round pick for pass rusher Chandler Jones, the Cardinals have signed guard Evan Mathis to replace Cooper. The team had brought in Mathis and Geoff Schwartz, but ended up signing Mathis to a one-year contract worth $6,000,069.

The 49ers have not been connected to either Mathis or Schwartz, but could use some guard help. In the meantime, the Cardinals appear to be further establishing themselves as the favorites in the NFC West. Seattle seems to be a clear step behind them, while the Rams are unlikely to take a significant step forward so long as Jeff Fisher is the head coach.

As for the 49ers? Until proven otherwise, they're competing with the Rams for third place. I do think they will have improved coaching in 2016, but will that be enough to make any sort of significant move up in the division. It is possible, but I also am not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being. The 49ers are not going to spend much in free agency, so now we wait and see what the draft will bring.