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Colin Kaepernick will report on April 4 if not traded, per Cam Inman

This strikes me as good news no matter how this all shakes out. Cam Inman is reporting that a source told him Colin Kaepernick currently plans on showing up for the 49ers offseason workout program if he has not been traded.

Kaepernick is under contract, so he would be expected to show up, but given the dynamics at play, it is good to hear some kind of confirmation about this. And given how he has been treated with some of the leaks, it is good to see him potentially taking the higher road. Obviously he could change his mind on showing up, and he could still end up traded, but this is where we stand for now.

Matt Maiocco had a separate report in which he says a source told him the 49ers have told teams they will retain Kaepernick if the compensation is not right. The source also said Chip Kelly is confident Kaepernick can have success in his system. That strikes me as more keeping the trade leverage building, so make it of it what you will.

The 49ers offseason program starts April 4, earlier than normal due to having a new head coach. Well, I suppose given that this is their second straight year with an early start, it could be viewed as the new normal. Let's hope not!

This could come amidst a flood of trade rumors involving the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns. There has been plenty of chatter over the last couple weeks, but the roar of rumors has settled to practically silence. The Broncos reportedly will not go high enough with their pick, while Kaepernick might not be inclined to take the kind of pay cut the Browns want. And so, we're left in a holding pattern.

Kaepernick's $11.9 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed on April 1. After that, any release would cost the 49ers the full amount, or require some kind of negotiation. Nothing is guaranteed beyond 2016, so it really doesn't change a whole lot with regard to a trade. They can always re-negotiate the salary, so that would still be in play if a trade has not happened by April 1.