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Colin Kaepernick trade talks quiet, 'good chance' he remains with 49ers

Could Kap actually stick around this year?

Could Colin Kaepernick actually spend the 2016 season with the San Francisco 49ers? Matt Maiocco's sources would certainly like us to think that. Maiocco has a source telling him that "[t]here's a good chance" Kaepernick remains on the team and is not traded. The source also said that a release "won't happen" even as trade talks appear to be stalled out.

On Wednesday, Cam Inman reported Colin Kaepernick would report to the 49ers offseason workout program if he is not traded. All indications point toward him sticking around, but I would think that is exactly the perception the 49ers want while they try and leverage the trade market.

Chip Kelly seems to be fine with however this plays out, and so at this point we wait for further news. The next two dates of note are April 1 and April 4. Kaepernick's salary becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, and the 49ers offseason workout program begins on April 4. If he is around and reporting to the program, suddenly sticking with the roster this season seems a little less crazy.

I still think a trade or release happens. I suppose a source saying a release "won't happen" is significant, but I remain incredibly skeptical that Kap is on the roster when Week 1 gets here.