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What to make of Zane Beadles struggles in Jacksonville

Zane Beadles had a bad 2015 season. A plantar fascia injury and change in blocking scheme did not help matters. Whether he can rebound in 2016 remains to be seen.

The San Francisco reportedly agreed to terms with offensive guard Zane Beadles, and the rare free agent signing has opinions flying fast and furious. The Jacksonville Jaguars released Beadles earlier this month, and while Jacksonville is improving, there is still a perception issue about signing a player the Jaguars did not think was good enough.

I took a minute to chat with one of our Jacksonville Jaguars bloggers over at Big Cat Country. He had a few quick thoughts:

Zane Beadles was the first big free agent signing for Dave Caldwell and the first one he ended up cutting. He was signed on a big contract that in essence was a two year deal, with the idea he could help anchor and lead a young offensive line. Beadles took a few games to settle in in 2014 and was just OK, and when the team moved from a zone scheme to more of a gap scheme in 2015 and continued to struggle with consistency. He was next to Luke Joeckel who also struggled, but Beadles was often the weak link on the offensive line. He did a nice job at times run blocking and pulling, but overall he was average at best for the Jaguars.

Friend of the site Jeff Deeney, from Pro Football Focus, had a few tweets that are worth sharing. One important thing to note on the 2015 struggles is that Beadles suffered a sprained plantar fascia in the team's October 25 win over the Buffalo Bills. The plantar fascia is the ligament that connects the heel to the toes. He joined plenty other athletes that play through the injury, but it would impact his performance. It is possible he would have struggled even without the injury, but couple that with the move away from zone blocking, and that could help explain his issues in 2015.