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49ers might have interest in linebacker Courtney Upshaw

The San Francisco 49ers need to add some depth at outside linebacker, and they might have some interest in Courtney Upshaw. Pro Football Talk is reporting the 49ers and possibly the Patriots might have interest in Upshaw following his visit with the New York Jets.

Upshaw was a second-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in 2012, and did not miss a game during his time with the team. While he is durable, he is primarily an edge-setter. That is an important role for a 3-4 outside linebacker, but when the player does not add much in the pass rush, it is hard to justify spending much on the player. Upshaw has six sacks in four seasons, so he is clearly not a regular  pass rush option.

The 49ers need to add depth at outside linebacker, but if the team is going to stick with Ahmad Brooks for another year, I am comfortable with his abilities to pass on Upshaw. I don't think Upshaw is a bad linebacker, but I don't see him as necessarily a big enough upgrade to justify potentially costing the team the Alex Boone comp pick. I realize the 49ers could just blow that comp pick anyway, but if the 49ers are going to invest in an outside linebacker, I'd rather they go through the draft and add another young option that might provide a more well-rounded package.