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NFL rule change proposals for 2016

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The NFL owners will be meeting later this month, and the March meetings mean proposals are submitted for changes to the rules. Every year numerous rules are proposed by the competition committee and various teams. Many of the proposals are shot down, but a handful will be approved for the coming season.

I've embedded the proposals below, but figured I would point out a few interesting ones. The most important has to be Washington's proposal to eliminate overtime in the preseason. Teams generally avoid it, but I can't think of many things worse in football than having overtime in the preseason!

The Baltimore Ravens continue to fight back against confusing formations with unusual eligible receivers. They are proposing a rule that would require a player declared eligible for a specific play wear a specific colored vest to represent that they are eligible. I can't see this rule passing.

The competition committee proposed the rule that would allow for an ejection after two specific unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. It would apply for penalties when someone throws a punch or forearm or kicks an opponent even if no contact is made, using abusive, threatening, or insulting language to opponents, teammates, refs, coaches, or using baiting or taunting acts/words "that engender ill will between teams." It is important to note this does not include basic personal foul penalties.

Washington also proposed adding personal foul penalties to instant replay. Carolina proposed tightening the rules regarding intentional grounding. It removes the sentence, "A realistic chance of completion is defined as a pass that lands in the direction and the vicinity of an originally eligible receiver." from the definition, and would seemingly remove the potential of just throwing the ball at the feet of a player. I doubt this gets passed.

2016 NFL rule change proposals