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Russell Okung signs sizable 5-year deal with Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have made a big move in week two of free agency, agreeing to terms on a five-year contract with Russell Okung. ESPN's Josina Anderson reported the deal to be worth $10.6 million per year, and Ian Rapoport is saying it could end up worth as much as $12 million per year.

The 49ers had been rumored to be interested in Okung, but there is no indication they ever hosted him for a visit. If the dollars are anything close to what is being reported, it is no surprise the 49ers would not get into that bidding war. At the same time, the numbers will be heavily scrutinized. Okung represented himself in free agency, and considering the amount of time it took to get the deal done, some national media seem a bit skeptical about how much the guarantees will be on the deal.

Where this gets particularly interesting for the Broncos is what it might mean for Ryan Clady. The team is expected to move Okung into Clady's spot and thus deal Clady. The 49ers have been discussing a Colin Kaepernick trade with the Broncos, so it is possible a player could end up involved in that. Of course, the 49ers have Joe Staley at left tackle. It's not always as easy as just moving a guy to the right side, so we'll see what teams show up in the rumors for Clady.