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Chip Kelly: 'I’d love to have [Colin Kaepernick]. I’m a big Kap fan.'

Chip Kelly continues to sound excited about working with Colin Kaepernick. We'll see if it happens.

The San Francisco 49ers continue putting forth the notion that they would be happy to welcome back quarterback Colin Kaepernick when the offseason workout program begins. Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly have both offered up plenty of supportive comments in recent weeks. Kelly had the latest comments on Thursday at the Stanford Pro Day. He said he's a big fan of Kaepernick, and is ready to work with him if he is at the facility on April 4.

Kelly acknowledged the trade discussion, but said that Kaepernick did not directly state the desire for a trade to Kelly.

"I talk to him. ‘If you're here, we're going to coach the heck out of you.' And he was excited about that. I said I understand there's a business side to this, and you guys deal with the business side. That's why he has an agent, and that's why we have a personnel department. They deal with all of that stuff."

Give that Maiocco link a read as it includes some additional comments from Kelly about Kaepernick. I would not expect anything less at this point from Kelly. He knows the 49ers are trying to trade Kaepernick, but he also knows they are not getting the kind of deal they want. And so, he can't assume anything specifically at this point with regard to Kap's future.

Chip Kelly has not been with the 49ers very long, but it is good to see he is on board and he and Trent Baalke are on the same page at this point. Who knows how the relationship will change in the coming months and maybe years, but that's where we stand for now.