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Colin Kaepernick trade rumor: Deal to Broncos 'will happen, given time'

Things have quieted down on the Colin Kaepernick trade front, but the Denver Broncos seem to believe something will happen if they are patient.

The Colin Kaepernick saga hit a lull this week, with there appearing to be hang-ups on draft compensation between the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos, and Kap's contract between the 49ers and Cleveland Browns. Nobody seems in a huge hurry for the moment, but Benjamin Allbright is reporting a source "firmly believes" a deal will happen "given time."

Allbright is not a major media figure, but he has done solid work in hitting on some rumors. Allbright is Colorado-based, so I am guessing he has a Broncos source who is saying this. I would expect them to think something could happen with a little patience. This comes as ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers are expected to keep Kaepernick on the roster past April 1, but the team will still look to deal him before or during the draft next month.

The 49ers are trying to play the patience game as well. Matt Maiocco reported a source told him the 49ers are willing to retain Kaepernick if they don't get the compensation they want. The source also said the team will not release Kaepernick if a trade does not happen. A source told Cam Inman Kaepernick will not demand a trade if he is not released before the 49ers offseason workout program gets going on April 4. Kaepernick is due to come to Santa Clara on Friday for a physical. In the meantime, Chip Kelly has said he has had conversations with Kaepernick, but they have not gone into any detail on Kaepernick's trade request.

The Broncos reportedly think Colin Kaepernick is worth a fourth round pick. Other reports suggest the 49ers want a low second or high third round pick, and thus we are left with an impasse.

This is a moderately high stakes game of chicken for the Broncos. They currently have Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian as their quarterbacks. If either of them is the starter Week 1, something has likely gone very poorly. On the other hand, the Broncos likely believe the 49ers are not willing to carry Kap on the roster this fall. If they think the 49ers would consider releasing Kaepernick, it makes sense to wait for the 49ers to come down to their demands.