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Jared Goff, Cal Pro Day underway with hand measurement

Jared Goff will have his share of private workouts as well, but the Pro Day will be valuable for him.

The 2016 Cal Pro Day is officially underway, which means the entire NFL is on hand to check out Jared Goff and others. Goff is going through his various measurements, and will eventually throw for scouts, coaches, and personnel executives on hand in Berkeley. NFL Network announced plans to discuss it around 9 am ET, and I would not be surprised if they cut in during Goff's throwing session. If not, they'll at least have some highlights later in the day.

Goff's throwing session will be the big deal, but the measurement plenty remain interested in is his hand size. Alex Flanagan got this picture of Goff getting his hand measured, coming in at 9 1/8. They measured 9 inches at the Combine, so either he followed OJ's example and stopped taking his arthritis medication, or Cal has some hand measurement inflation!

The media will focus on Goff at the Pro Day, with Matt Barrows reporting he will throw at 10:30 PT. However, there are some other talented players that will workout for NFL eyes. Wide receivers Kenny Lawler and running back Daniel Lasco are the most notable names on the Cal prospect list. Lawler is viewed as a late day two pick, while Lasco seems like a day three pick at this point.