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CFL rep getting the jump on Jared Goff if he goes undrafted

Matt Maiocco is on hand at the Cal Pro Day, and he made an important observation about quarterback Jared Goff. Pro Days often feature scouts from the CFL looking at players who might go undrafted and unsigned as a UDFA. A Calgary Stampeder representative was on hand Friday and made sure to chat with the under-the-radar Goff.

Goff has been projected as a potential option for the Cleveland Browns at No. 2, the San Francisco 49ers at No. 7, and others via trades up the draft board. I say that crazy things can happen, but I think it's safe to say Goff does not need to worry about going undrafted. I'm guessing he won't even need to worry about being the last player in the green room when day one of the draft is wrapping up.

On a serious note, 49ers quarterbacks coach Ryan Day is on hand for Goff's throwing session. I imagine at least a few other members of the organization will be checking out Goff and others as well.

Fooch's update - There are indeed more 49ers folks on hand: