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Watch video from Jared Goff's Pro Day performance at Cal

You know you want to watch a generic Pro Day workout!

Friday was a big day for the NFL draft process, with Cal quarterback Jared Goff working out at the Cal Pro Day. He finished the day 61 of 69 on his pass attempts, according to Matt Maiocco.

It might have been bigger for draft media than teams, as I would think most teams have a good handle on what they think of Jared Goff. The Pro Day and his eventual private workouts will matter, but I would be surprised if his performances completely flipped a team's draft strategy on its ear.

Whatever the case, Goff was busy at Friday's Pro Day, and we've got video of some of his work. NFL Network aired his workout, and they along with the NFL's main twitter account tweeted out video.

Matt Maiocco also added that Goff threw some additional deep outs after Browns assistant coach Pep Hamilton squirted the ball with water. Hand size remains a point of debate, and Hue Jackson said the reason it's an issue in Cleveland is the weather. A little water in Berkeley is not going to replicate a miserable December in Cleveland, but it's something.

If you see any additional video out there, link or drop in the tweets.