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Michigan vs. Notre Dame: Jim Harbaugh vs. Jed York just for kicks

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We have an open thread for March Madness, but I could not help myself with the Michigan-Notre Dame game. The Wolverines beat Tulsa in a play-in game, and will now face off against the Fighting Irish Friday evening, with the game tipping at 6:40 p.m. PT on CBS.

I bring all this up because it involves two people near and dear to our hearts. Jim Harbaugh is head coach of the Michigan football team, and 49ers CEO Jed York attended Notre Dame. They obviously did not have the greatest of break-ups after the 2014 season, and it would not surprise me if both have a little more interest in this particular matchup.

Really, I'm just hoping for one of the two of them sub-tweeting the other following the game. I'm rooting for Michigan, but I'll take obnoxious behavior from either. The Irish are a 2.5-point favorite, and it should end up being a fairly entertaining game. Now, I'm just hoping for some post-game fireworks!