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Torrey Smith giving Mike Davis some grief on Instagram for eating

Social media can be the bane of one's existence, but someones it can create situations that crack us up. Earlier this week, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith and running back Mike Davis got into a brief exchange after Davis posted a picture on Instagram. You can check out the Instagram post here, but I'll post a couple pertinent screenshots someone tweeted at me:

If you're not seeing it, Smith commented on Davis's picture, saying, "Boy been eating" with a pair of eyes. Davis replied with the crying laughing emoji and "nah I been working my ass off down here."

Davis is not a tall guy, but he came into the league built well. He measured in at 5'9, 217 pounds at the NFL Combine. We don't have anything to compare him to, but it seems like the size in the picture comes from some serious muscle. Someone further down made a joke about Davis being a fullback. Fullback is not exactly a notable position in the Chip Kelly offense, but having a little more power behind Carlos Hyde would certainly be welcome.