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Jared Goff arm velocity ahead of Carson Wentz, one mph behind Colin Kaepernick

One of the criticisms surrounding Cal quarterback Jared Goff has been about his arm strength. There are questions about if he can make all of the throws, and if his work in the Bear Raid offense covered for arm strength issues. At the 2016 NFL Combine, he seemed to hit on the throws he needed, and now we have another measurement in his favor.

The folks at Ourlads had a radar gun to measure the quarterbacks. They measured Goff at 58 miles per hour. Paxton Lynch was on top at 59, Carson Wentz was just behind at 57 mph. For historical comparison, Colin Kaepernick was measured at 59 mph. Logan Thomas (2014) and Bryan Bennett hit 60, but dating back to 2008, nobody has topped that.

According to Dan Shonka, who handled the radar gun, they specifically measured out cuts. He did not clarify to me how many throws were averaged, although I assume it would be whatever total number of outcuts thrown. But again, we don't know for certain.

It is important to note this is not some be-all, end-all measurement of arm strength. It is one more piece of information to add to the large pool of information. But it's interesting to see him measure up where he does.