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Do 49ers have a solution for the tight end position?

Is Garrett Celek someone who can be counted on?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers signed tight end Garrett Celek to a four-year contract extension, which was a strong vote of confidence in the player and ... unfortunately, a sign that there aren't other plans at the position. Celek came into his own last season, but any flashes of high level starter potential were brief at best, as far as I can tell.

But we're just about through the free agent period. It's slowed to a crawl and there wasn't much to offer at the tight end position regardless. The 49ers aren't going to bring in a tight end at this stage of proceedings.

On top of that, this has to be the worst tight end class in the NFL Draft I've seen in many years. There is not a single prospect I actually think would be a good fit in Chip Kelly's scheme, or at least none that I've studied over the past couple weeks. There isn't anyone that jumps out as a potential sure thing or even someone to take in the first couple rounds as far as I'm concerned.

That means the 49ers are absolutely set on Celek as the starter and to me, that's a bad sign. The tight end position has been an issue ever since Vernon Davis started his sharp decline. Celek played in 11 games last season, catching 19 passes for 186 yards and three touchdowns. For his career, he has 328 receiving yards and those same three touchdowns.

But that does open the door for the 49ers to actually see what they have in a couple younger players like Blake Bell and Busta Anderson. Bell caught 15 passes for 186 yards while playing significantly less time than Celek last season. Anderson didn't see the field due to injuries, but he remains an intriguing player as well.

Do you think the 49ers have enough to work with at this point? Is anybody here confident enough in Bell or Anderson or even Celek that they might be able to scrounge something together? Or are there folks here who think there's still a worthy free agent out there, or even a draft-eligible tight end? Personally, I'm starting to feel like the tight end position is going to be a bad one for years to come with a big overhaul needed.