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Colin Kaepernick trade situation compared abstract nature of Donald Trump

I realize we try and keep politics out of things, but this recent comment on the Colin Kaepernick situation kind of cracked me up. Sports Illustrated NFL editor, and friend of NN, Melissa Jacobs, has started a new column at called Week Under Review. It covers the week that was, looks ahead to potential news down coming up, and is a mish-mash of various topics.

This week, she closed with a parting words segment. She spoke to a source "close to the Colin Kaepernick situation" and asked what is up with things. This is what she got:

"That's like asking what's up with Donald Trump. It's just the most abstract situation."

I would think you could get a more straight answer on this, but given the mix of stuff we hear in the media, it remains a bit of a bizarre situation. Cam Inman has a source saying Kaepernick will report to the offseason workout program if a trade is not completed. Adam Schefter thinks a trade could happen closer to or during the 2016 NFL Draft. Matt Maiocco and others have reported the 49ers are willing to retain him if a deal does not happen, and that they would not release him.

I continue to think a trade happens, but given all the rumblings, we have reached a point where virtually any result is on the table. We are moving further and further down the rabbit hole.