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Broncos viewed as 'most interested' in Colin Kaepernick, with owners' meeting chance to make things happen

The Denver Broncos remain the team most strongly connected to Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. Could they get something done?

NFL owners arrived in Boca Raton, Florida this past weekend for the annual March owners' meetings. The league will discuss a variety of topics, including putting numerous potential rule changes to a vote. However, the meetings provide a big opportunity for the San Francisco 49ers and other teams.

Although the focus is owners, there will be plenty of chatter about personnel matters. I don't know if Trent Baalke or John Elway will be on hand, but this week could provide a chance to move things along. In his latest report, Jason LaCanfora says he is hearing the Broncos remain the most interested team in the Colin Kaepernick sweepstakes.

If Colin Kaepernick is going to get dealt, this would be a good week to lay the foundation. I still hear the Broncos as being the team most interested in actually getting something done and, in the end, other clubs seem willing to call the 49ers' bluff about keeping the disgruntled quarterback, going ahead and guaranteeing him that $12 million he is due while coming off three surgeries and actually to move forward with Kaepernick as their starter and attempt to rebuild shattered relationships and trust issues.

He followed that up by saying the Broncos don't seem overly concerned about the quarterback position, and Elway is playing things fairly cool.

We'll find out in 11 days if the 49ers are bluffing about Kaepernick. They could very well still trade him shortly after the April 1 salary guarantee date, but if they are in fact willing to keep him on the roster past April 1, it could very well improve their leverage to some degree. They can't just release him without costing themselves money, but they would be showing their willingness to not take a deal they don't like. My guess is something gets no later than during the draft, but for now, we wait.