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Trent Baalke, Chip Kelly join 49ers contingent at owners' meetings

The NFL holds a variety of owners' meetings each year, but the March meetings always stand out. The league votes on new rules, but it also features most coaches and general managers in attendance. It occurs during the first month of free agency, a little more than a month ahead of the NFL Draft, which means there is a chance for plenty of chatter.

The appearance of all these folks means we get some group pictures. People have been tweeting them out this morning, and we've got a shot of the GMs and the coaches. A few are missing from each, but both Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly are on hand for the events.

Trent Baalke

Chip Kelly

Earlier in the day, there was one interesting comment from the New York Giants owner. He was pleased Kelly left the NFC East due to the Giants struggles against Philadelphia. Kelly was 5-1 in six matchups against the Giants. Kelly was 3-3 each against Dallas and Washington.

The San Francisco 49ers do not get to play the Giants this season, but we'll see if Kelly can find similar success against the NFC West. The Arizona Cardinals are the team to beat, with the Seattle Seahawks a step behind them right now. The 49ers and Los Angeles Rams are bringing up the rear for now. We'll see what year one brings in the division rivalries.