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Bills GM thinks Kevin Hogan is most pro ready in 2016 NFL Draft for Bills system

Will the 49ers have any interest in Hogan?

NFL general managers and coaches are generally going to spin a lot of crap in the name of creating misinformation. The Buffalo Bills are the latest to offer up high praise for a player that seems a bit odd. The context of Bills GM Doug Whaley's comment might actually make some sense, but it's still a little hard to take super seriously.

The good news is Whaley did not try and say Hogan was the most pro ready QB and that was that. He thinks based on what kind of work Hogan had to do in college, he is the best immediate option for the Bills. Tyrod Taylor had a heck of a season, but the Bills aren't necessarily going to be 100 percent comfortable with what will come of his future. Saying Hogan is the most pro ready does not mean he necessarily has the most upside. Instead, he could be the kind of option where he provides strong competition heading into training camp, and could be a stable back-up option. It's easy to laugh about Whaley's comment, but when we factor in all the context, it's easier to understand.

The 49ers have their own QB needs, but it is hard to tell what exactly they will do in the draft. They could look at Jared Goff or Carson Wentz up top. They could move back in the first to get Paxton Lynch. They could look at Connor Cook in the second round potentially. And then guys like Hogan and Vernon Adams are potential day three options.

Hogan took part in Stanford's Pro Day last week. Our friends at Rule of Tree (Stanford blog) had a breakdown of his performance and what NFL draft media had to say.