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Jed York, Colin Kaepernick, agent drama, more BS

As expected, the San Francisco 49ers got a little something out regarding the Colin Kaepernick situation. Monday morning, Cleveland Browns executive Sashi Brown initially said the 49ers called the Browns to gauge their interest in Colin Kaepernick, but Cleveland's interest was over-reported. After hearing how that sounded, someone from the Browns (or maybe 49ers front office) said under cover of anonymity that it was Kap's agents and not the 49ers who made the call.

Here's the last paragraph of my article discussing all that nonsense.

I thought it would happen eventually, but Jason Cole hooked it up quickly. He produced a quick video this afternoon that you can find on the 49ers Team Stream page. Maybe I should become a full-time bookie, eh?

It sounds like he spoke with Jed York at the owners' meetings, and York said while he would like Kap to remain in an ideal world, Chip Kelly would make the decision. Cole suggests maybe Kap wants to stay, but there's nothing of substance about that other than him showing up for his physical, and having some phone conversations with Chip Kelly. All that part of the report is the usual bull [site decorum].

However, this video does include something new that is entirely out of the blue:

What the 49ers actually believe is that the request for a trade was pushed by another factor, and that was, the breakup of Kaepernick's two agents. They split their business, and the belief in the 49ers side is that they would like to see Kaepernick get traded so that ultimately Kaepernick picks one of the agents or the other, gets a new contract, and that agent ends up with the contract fees on a new deal.

I'm looking a little further into this, but it is kind of odd to see thrown out there from the team's side of things. I am generally skeptical of the 49ers motives when it comes to the Kaepernick trade drama, but this is far enough out of left field that I want to see what I can learn about it. For now, give the video a watch.

And I really should have taken wagers on Cole being the first to chime in!